SMS marketing is done using subscribers' data: time, age, country, etc.  SMS marketing means sending promotional campaigns or transactional messages via text to send them valuable offers and news at the appropriate time.

To overcome problems on the way to connect with consumers one must use SMS marketing techniques

Consumers do like to receive SMS that they receive from brands.  The open rate of these SMS is about six times higher as compared to emails. It is the most effective marketing tool 

Why is SMS marketing so effective? 

Everyone has smartphones

In today's world, everyone has smartphones and this is why SMS marketing has made its place in the world

Gives Remarkable Results

 These SMS are the best engagement tool and help the business to provide their customers best offers.

Helps in building trustworthy relationships. 

 SMS messaging gives a feeling of a human conversing with a human. This approach helps build foundations of trustworthy relationships. 

Provides more value

SMS marketing provides the most relevant subscribers which are essential for any SMS campaign. 

Convenient to customers

During their highly engaged schedule customers find it difficult to check all the emails sent by the companies. However, it is convenient for the customers to respond to the SMS or go through it

How does SMS marketing help e-commerce companies? 

SMS marketing affects the customer experience which in turn influences the company's bottom line. Consumers receive customized content that speaks directly to them. It makes them feel special, heard, and seen which helps in building trust for the brand. 

However it's a bit tricky to get  SMS right, very few companies are successful in this marketing strategy. It is one of the vital and indispensable marketing tools once used in the right way. 

Consumers only engage in branded content. If not so they will unsubscribe from future texts which will result in tremendous loss. Poor personalization degrades the company's sales. Maximum customers will not purchase the company's product and services if the strategy of personalized bulk SMS is poorly executed. 

However, if done appropriately 80% of consumer engagement is received. 

Businesses must take note of the following points for personalized bulk SMS

Unique Identity

This can be done by customizing the sender ID into the company's name instead of a phone number. Consumers recognize the company and this increases the chances of engagement. 

Dynamic Fields

Dynamic Feilds facilitate the opportunity to insert various specific information in the text or SMS. It includes customers' names and information like their interests and preferences and even professional information. 

 Make maximum segments

Segmenting helps to divide the messages in the contact list into various groups based on their information of specific requirements. 

 SMS can be a bit long 

Personalized bulk messages can be sent in the form of message concatenation. This means breaking a longer message into short SMS. These segments are then consolidated into one cohesive message on the customer's phone. 

 Keep it personal 

The consumer must be able to connect to the brand and not just receive messages that suit their interest. This can be done efficiently if the content is created in a way that feels like it comes from a live human being. 

SMS must be in a natural tone that works well. Sometimes using casual language also seems more appealing to the consumers. 

SMS marketing key steps

These days people are so connected to their phones sending the right message the first time is very necessary. 

Steps for the best results in SMS Marketing. 

Get permission from consumers

Mention your company

Add a call to action

Maintain right timing

Aligned SMS to the overall Marketing Strategy 

Benefits of personalized SMS marketing 

Companies that use personalized SMS marketing do it because of the following reasons:-

Low cost - It is one of the cheapest marketing methods as compared to other forms of marketing.  It gives you the highest ROIs as a boon for the company's budget and top-line profits. 

Direct communication - Americans spend about four hours on average on the phone as surveyed each day. According to this, they spent one-third of their day (removing sleep hours) sent on the phone screen. SMS helps companies to hit consumers the time they are not on their phones. 

High Open Rates - Customers like SMS marketing that's why its opening rate is 95%  i.e. more than every 9 consumers out of ten. And the impressive side is that these messages get a response from about 50% of their active audience. 

Proven ability to sell - Out of which 25% surely take something or the other resulting in increased sales. During sales season and on special occasions SMS marketing helps in providing customers with the latest offers which increase sales in return. Only SMS for product and repeated offer updates give rise to the urge that the consumers directly visit the brand houses or website and do the purchase. This boosts the sales of the company.

Define timing and send - Brands need to send the messages at the right time and right frequency so that consumers are receptive to what the company has to say. Sending messages at the wrong time will result in ignorance of the message or if the consumers are irritated they might unsubscribe from the SMS service

These SMS help to connect with customers. SMS Marketing is one of the best marketing strategies that give maximum returns. Businesses that invest in  SMS marketing campaigns get the most results.